Why We Farm

We believe in the power of farming: Both practicing and observing farming enables people to think about the world differently. We also farm because we love it. We are building a neighborhood farm because we want to indulge this passion, but also because we strongly believe that creating an urban farm is an incredible way to improve communities. 

Every neighborhood in the city has it's own coffee shop, it's own pub, and it's own restaurants. Every neighborhood in Denver also has it's own community garden, thanks to the great work of Denver Urban Gardens. But not many neighborhoods have a farm to call it's own. We believe every neighborhood needs a farm and we're building one in Denver's Sunnyside neighborhood.

Our Farm


Our farming happens on our lovely 1/4 acre farmstead in Northwest Denver. Here we grow our annual vegetables, 19 fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and dozens of other fruits and perennial vegetables. This site is also home to our flock of chickens, two honey bee hives, and a 30 square foot greenhouse. We also have a lending library for those who want to learn and study about farming.